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Anyone playing MapleLegends can upload owl screenshots to OwlRepo. Screenshots should be taken in-game using the Prt Sc button. Navigate to C:\MapleLegendsHD\Screenshots and select all of the uncropped images containing the search results. On MacOS, press Cmd + Shift + 4 followed by Space . Click on the MapleLegends window to save a screenshot to the desktop. For best results, avoid moving the owl window from its original position and keep the mouse cursor on the page turn buttons.

Click on Browse... or drag files onto the page to crop and submit screenshots. Include all of the results in a single upload. If you forget any pages, reupload all of the pages together in a single batch. Do not crop images beforehand or they will fail to validate. If you select images that do not include owl searches, the uploader will ignore them while cropping.

The site can handle about 100 screenshots at a time. The easiest way to contribute is to owl a few items at a time, sort your screenshot folder (right-click, Sort by > Date > Descending), and upload after you’re done. A separate folder to organize owl screenshots goes a long way. Feel free to wait several days before uploading if you do not want to share current prices — the value in this tool is keeping track of history and watching supply and demand in action.

Please report any issues to geospiza. Thank you for contributing and happy mapling!

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